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Delve & Muse is a thought-provoking (hopefully) lifestyle blog focused on ideas, inspiration and reflection. It's for anyone who enjoys it but mostly for women, particularly self-employed women, who are discovering their wild and willing themselves to dance in the hurricane. Here, we take time to reimagine a world where kindness prevails, the planet is prioritised and we’re a little afraid to challenge the ‘way things have always been’, but we do it anyway.

Delve & Muse is a hate-free space and although I tend to write with women in mind, I welcome anyone and everyone, always.

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About Me.

I'm a freelance copywriter, small business marketing consultant and a single mother, living in Brighton. Hence, creating a blog for self-employed women.

To ensure I'm meeting all the cliches, I'm also writing a novel. When I share recipes it won't be from a big fancy kitchen and when I speak of the benefits of yoga and getting out in nature, know that I have to drag myself from the sofa to do it! This is not the lifestyle blog of a flawless person with a shiny magazine-worthy life. But it will be real.

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Also, if you like my writing I am available for copywriting across a large range of topics.

You can find out more about my writing and marketing services at

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